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Health & Safety


R & B Cleaning Services has been running in Dunedin for over 10 years in both the commercial and domestic sectors.



Our Objectives



R & B Cleaning’s health and safety programme aim to:

•     Promote excellence in health and safety management

•     Continually improve current health and safety performance

•     Provide a safe and healthy work environment

•     Identify and control actual and potential hazards

•     Establish and maintain communication on health and safety

•     Support staff participation in health and safety matters

•     Identify needs and provide training on health and safety

•     Demonstrate a commitment to the accurate reporting and recording of health and safety matters

•     Comply with legal and organizational obligations.

Objectives will be achieved through:


•     Management’s support and commitment to health and safety

•     Implementation of policies and procedures

•     Staff education and participation

•     Maintaining a quality philosophy

•     Regular reviews and evaluations



All staff are responsible for:

•     Implementing hazard management procedures in their work area

•     Taking all practicable steps to ensure that hazards identified are eliminated, isolated or controlled

•     Completing a hazard notification form if a hazard is identified and providing this to the CEO (who will undertake a full identification and risk analysis and enter details into the hazard register)

•     Informing others (staff, visitors, and contractors) of any hazards to health and safety which are known to be associated with the work they perform and the steps to be taken to control any such hazard

•     Ensuring unsafe acts and unsafe conditions are appropriately addressed.





Hazard management steps include:

1.       Identification – describe the hazard and state the location of the hazard

2.       Risk analysis – rate the risk

3.       Control – Recommend the control measure (eliminate, isolate or minimize) and complete the details on the hazard management register. 

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